Frequently Asked Questions


What services do you offer?

We specialize in creating personalized residential spaces through comprehensive design services. Whether it's a home renovation, kitchen, bath, new construction, or furnishing project, we provide tailored solutions from start to finish.

We manage every aspect of the project, from material and furnishing selection to detailed plans and coordination with tradespeople. Our attention to detail extends to the smallest elements, ensuring a beautifully finished space.

In addition to full-service design, we offer Design Only and Consulting services for those who want professionally designed spaces that they can install themselves. These services are customized to your goals for a stunning end result.


How would you define your style?

We enjoy collaborating with various design styles, prioritizing the architectural features of your home. Our core design philosophy centers on using sustainable and timeless materials thoughtfully to craft beautiful spaces. Our approach combines elements from Contemporary, Mediterranean, British West Indies, Coastal, Spanish Colonial, and Modern Organic styles. Embracing clean lines, neutral palettes, warm tones, rustic textures, and natural elements, we create a harmonious and versatile aesthetic that reflects a taste for timeless elegance with a modern, organic touch.


Do you work outside the Treasure Coast area? 

Certainly! We cater to clients both locally and nationwide, maintaining a consistent Full-Service Design process regardless of location. For out-of-state clients, we customize the experience based on your preference for hands-on involvement. Our approach involves an initial meeting and consultation at your location, followed by design work at our studio, and a final installation visit. Additional site visits can be included for clients seeking more support during construction.

To begin, reach out to us for a complimentary 30-minute discovery call.


Where do you source your furniture and material?

In a Full-Service Design project, we curate a unique blend of trade sources, retail options, antiques, and custom pieces to make your space truly one-of-a-kind. For Designer For A Day or Virtual Luxury Design projects, we primarily utilize retail sources, providing you the flexibility to purchase and install items yourself. Depending on your project's vision, we might recommend custom purchases or window treatments from trade sources. Rest assured, our extensive network includes over 300 vendors to ensure a diverse and high-quality selection for every project.


How long does a project take?

"Great design is a patient and worthwhile investment. Our step-by-step process ensures a smooth journey without overwhelming you. The timeline varies, typically ranging from 4-9 months, and full-scale renovations may extend beyond a year. We prioritize completing and organizing the design before construction starts for an easy and stress-free experience.

Learn more about our process.


Where do I start?

Begin by completing our inquiry form. After receiving it, we'll schedule a complimentary discovery call to discuss your project and our process. Next, we conduct a two-hour, in-home consultation to understand your project details, timeline, budget, and priorities. This information guides us in creating a customized proposal and design execution plan.


Do you have trades you work with and can recommend?

We've established a reliable network of skilled trades, manufacturers, and builders and are pleased to suggest them for your project's needs.


How do you present your design?

Our design presentation unfolds in two phases. Initially, we share a concept design featuring detailed floorplans, visual mood boards, and initial color palettes that lay the project's foundation.

The second phase involves a detailed design presentation, and it's conducted in person. We provide samples and guide you through the proposed design. Larger projects may include multiple presentations, typically covering hard finishes followed by soft finishes and furnishings.


What if I want to make changes to my design?

We aim to craft stunning designs that prioritize your perspectives, ideas, and dreams from start to finish. Understanding your lifestyle is key as we work together to create a space tailored to your unique needs.

Our design process is collaborative, placing value on your feedback at every stage. While we aspire to deliver designs that inspire, your input is essential for fine-tuning. Your satisfaction is our goal, and you'll have opportunities at each stage to provide feedback and ensure the final result aligns perfectly with your vision.


What sets Cala House Group apart?

Cala House Group distinguishes itself through its unwavering dedication to personalized service, innovative design solutions, and a commitment to creating spaces that truly reflect the essence of each client. Our approach goes beyond mere decoration; we are storytellers, weaving narratives into every aspect of our design process. By deeply understanding our clients' aspirations, lifestyles, and preferences, we craft bespoke environments that not only meet but exceed expectations.

Our relentless pursuit of excellence, coupled with a passion for pushing boundaries and embracing creativity, ensures that each project we undertake is a masterpiece in its own right. At Cala House Group, we don't just design spaces – we create experiences that leave a lasting impression.


What does an interior designer do and how are they different from and architect or contractor? 

We strongly believe that an interior designer plays a pivotal role in a project, comparable to a builder or architect. While architects focus on the structure, we concentrate on the form, flow, and function, ensuring a cohesive design throughout your space. Our goal is to create a home that meets your needs for years to come.

In our role as a designer, we collaborate closely with clients, architects, and builders to craft thoughtful and personalized designs. This includes selecting finishes, fixtures, furniture, wall coverings, and window treatments. Additionally, we produce detailed construction documentation that provides comprehensive guidance for builders and trades, ensuring attention to every detail in the final design.


How are you different than a design-build firm? 

As an independent design studio, we take pride in creating thoughtful and distinctive spaces in collaboration with your architect and builder. Our unique perspective enables us to deeply understand your lifestyle and design for your authentic living experience. Throughout the entire process, we serve as your advocates, ensuring meticulous execution of every detail.

Distinguishing ourselves from design-build firms, we oversee the entirety of the project, providing not only exceptional design services but also handling furnishings, custom window treatments, installation, and styling to the finest details. Our unparalleled depth and attention to detail guarantee a finished product that surpasses all expectations.


When do I need an Architect? 

We can easily manage minor floorplan adjustments, such as relocating or removing walls. For more substantial structural changes, additions, or new construction, architects or engineers may be required. During our consultation or project initiation, we'll guide you on when it's advisable to engage an architect or structural engineer.


What do I need to know about hiring an interior designer?

As designers, our foremost objective is to ensure your project is a stress-free and gratifying experience. Beyond crafting a beautiful and comfortable home, we assist in defining scope and budget, managing timelines, and navigating construction. Leveraging our extensive network, we connect you with the right contractors, trades, and architects. Whether it's construction or selecting furnishings, we provide a comprehensive solution.

We take the time to grasp your lifestyle and envision your space. Our aim is to make the entire process effortless and enjoyable, consistently exceeding your expectations at every step.


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