Our Designer for a Day service is an immersive in-home one-on-one design session, meticulously tailored to assist you in designing, shopping, or styling your space efficiently. It's the perfect solution for clients who are looking to put the finishing touches on a room, or require guidance in choosing materials for a construction project. Upon completion, you'll receive a shoppable list to help bring your design vision to life.

The investment for Designer For A Day Service is $2,600. Consultation sessions are held in-person for clients in the Treasure Coast area.  

We require 100% payment up front.

For the day, you take the spotlight as we craft a remarkable transformation for your space. By the end of our day together, our aim is to ensure that all selections are made and orders are placed.

  • Complimentary 30-minute Discovery Call to assess needs and establish a strategic plan.
  • Design Questionnaire
  • 90-minute Initial In-home consultation  
  • A one day (6-hours) in-person collaboration (to be scheduled at least two weeks in advance)
  • Free lunch - Take a break, on us! And don’t worry, we’ll get work done
  • Let’s shop together! We’ll visit the Design Resource Center for furniture and upholstery. Make a stop to local vendors to source tile, carpet etc.
  • Receive a completed Finishes & Material Workbook (with follow-up report with links to resources)
  • All travel expenses included for residence in the Treasure Coast area (If your project is outside the TC area an additional surcharge will be added)
  • BONUS! Enjoy a complimentary 45-minute follow-up call you can use within 30 days whenever you encounter obstacles or have questions during your journey. 


What Awaits You

the process

phase one

phase two

phase three

It all begins with an exploratory call, delving into the details of your project. In this conversation, we'll introduce the Design Day process and establish the logistics for our collaborative day, aligning with your objectives and the specific space under consideration.

We always suggest kicking off with a 90-minute in-home design consultation to gain a thorough understanding of your needs and space, please be aware that it is entirely optional. 

Strategy session

Start with a discovery call 

phase one

phase two

phase three

On the designated Design Day, Dayana will join you in person to collaboratively craft your design vision. This may involve exploring showrooms, engaging with trades, sourcing items online, or dedicating time to work on layouts and floorplans for your home. We'll seamlessly blend these options as necessary to ensure a comprehensive and tailored design experience.

1-1 collaboration

Meet Dayana Almeida

phase one

phase two

phase three

Following our Design Day, you will receive a comprehensive package containing all floorplans, notes, sources, sketches, and specified orders from our collaborative session. To further support you, we offer a 45-minute phone call post-service to address any questions you may have about your design.

Additionally, we extend our Resource Guide, filled with valuable design tips and tricks, to assist you in completing and enhancing your space.

Follow up 

Start with a discovery call 

How much can be accomplished in a single day of design work?

In a single day, we can achieve substantial progress in your design project. While the specific accomplishments depend on the project's complexity, our goal is to make a meaningful impact and provide you with actionable design solutions that align with your vision and objectives.

Can I use this for multiple rooms?

No, the service is intended for a focused consultation on one room. However, if you have multiple rooms in mind, please mention them during the discovery call and on the design questionnaire. We can discuss a package deal, and if you choose to purchase multiple Designer for a Day packages, a discount can be applied to accommodate your needs.


Yes, rescheduling is allowed without any additional fees. Kindly provide at least a 24-hour notice to facilitate the adjustment.

Are appointments refundable?

Unfortunately, appointments are non-refundable. Failure to notify us for rescheduling with at least 24 hours' notice results in the forfeiture of your appointment and funds.


Frequently Asked Questions

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