kitchen remodel / SEWALL'S POINT

Drawing upon the distinctive architectural elements found in Key West homes, characterized by their charming blend of historical elegance and tropical charm, and influenced by the vibrant colors and intricate details typical of Mexican design, Dayana embarked on the creation of a kitchen that seamlessly melded tradition with contemporary flair. Imagining the space as a harmonious fusion of two cultures, she envisioned natural maple cabinets standing as stalwart reminders of the island's iconic wooden shutters, their rich, warm tones serving as the anchor for the room's aesthetic. These cabinets, with their timeless appeal, would be complemented by accents of luxurious white marble and practical butcher block countertops, creating a harmonious balance between opulence and functionality. Furthermore, Dayana saw an opportunity to infuse the space with a burst of energy and authenticity by incorporating Mexican flooring tiles, each tile telling a story through its vibrant colors and intricate patterns, thus imbuing the kitchen with a lively sense of character and cultural heritage.

Coastal point

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