The journey to creating the perfect space for Adam and Sophia, a couple deeply connected to the ocean, was an adventure of collaboration and creativity. Seeking a design studio that shared their passion for coastal living, they found Dayana, our lead designer, and embarked on a quest to transform their retreat into a haven that seamlessly integrated their lifestyle with modern aesthetics. Inspired by the serene coastal surroundings, Dayana envisioned a great room that embraced clean lines, organic textures, and a palette of soothing blues and sandy neutrals.

It was clear that Adam and Sophia envisioned a space that embraced the coastal lifestyle while exuding sophistication and comfort. They longed for a great room that seamlessly integrated the kitchen, dining area, and living space, fostering a sense of openness and connection. The journey from design to completion was marked by moments of inspiration and challenges, all navigated with meticulous care by Dayana and her team.


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